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The Range Rider | KCST9 | PBS

“Daniel Curry spends his days on horseback studying wolves’ migration patterns and deterring them from encroaching on the human landscape while educating and partnering with local ranchers on non-lethal methods of wolf prevention.”

Range Rider the Film

“As wolves repopulate Washington State, conflict is heating up with rural ranching communities. Range rider Daniel Curry’s job is to patrol wild areas on horseback, creating a buffer between wolves and the cattle herds that graze on public lands.”  

Listen & Learn | Podcasts, Live Interviews

Conservation Connection

An in-depth discussion with Conservation Connection about Daniel’s work with large carnivores over the last decade

The Wolf Ranger | KUOW, NPR Network

A one-on-one discussion with Daniel about his work, with Chris Morgan (conservationist, ecologist, filmmaker, author, and host of The Wild Pod)

The Wolf Connection | Ep. 74

 A look into Daniel’s creative solution to bridging the gap between urban and rural communities while addressing his funding needs to expand his work

Horses in the Morning

A quick interview on how Daniel works with his horse family in the mountians preventing conflict with wolves and ranchers

BYU Radio | Constant Wonder

An intimate look into Daniel’s relationship with animals and how that turned into a profession helping humans and animals

The Wolf Connection | Ep. 56

A conversation led by our friends at The Wolf Connection about Daniel’s work to help large carnivores and people co-thrive

2023 WSFF Media Lounge Interview | Human Wildlife Mitigation, Range Rider

At Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2023, Daniel sat down to share more about his work as a range rider in this Facebook Live interview

Methow Valley Citizen Council Live Presentation | Daniel Curry: Riding the Range for Wolves, Stories from the Field

The Methow Valley Citizen Council, based in Methow Valley, Washington, brought Daniel in for a reflective talk on his work with wolves

Read | Articles + Book

Finland News | In the land of wolves

From the largest newspaper in Finland comes an in-depth look at work of Daniel Curry with wolves in Washington state

BANFF Centre for Arts & Creativity | Range Rider

BANFF features Range Rider as part of their 2023 film festival in which the documentary is an Official Selection

Columbia Insight | Has Daniel Curry figured out the key to wolf management?

Take a look at Daniel’s work with wolves up close from an environmental news source based in the Pacific Northwest

Filson | The Passion: Range Rider Daniel Curry

A behind the scenes look at Daniel Curry’s work in wolf country 

Journalist Eli Francovich does an in-depth exploration of the work of Daniel Curry as he patrols


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